Red Oak Wines

Red Oak wines are made with grapes from the various great valleys and regions of California. It’s unique fermentation and long aging process captures all the flavors and aromas that a great wine has to offer. All wine vintages are aged in new small French oak barrels for a minimum of 24 months. All of our red wines are unfiltered.

Red Oak Winery’s French Oak Barrels

Red Oak Wines
Red Oak Wines

Each vintage year, Red Oak uses brand new barrels crafted from oak trees
in France. The barrels are slowly toasted over natural wood fires. This
process lowers tannin content and caramelizes sugars, developing
aromatics and spicy flavors. Each year, we work with at least 8 different
toasting levels to ensure creamy, vanillin, buttery toast flavors and
well-rounded structures for our wines. Our reserve barrels are a blend
of oak from three French forests: the center of France, Allier, and Nevers.

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Red Oak Wine History

Oak Wine – Knowledges you should know.



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